Tucson Rug Store
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Professional Rug Cleaning and care

We offer professional rug cleaning done by experts the old-fashioned way. Drop off the rugs at our store or pick up and delivery is available. The cleaning process varies from rug to rug depending on the quality, construction, fiber etc. but often starts with the dusting process where excess dust/dirt is removed by a gentle vibrations process applied to both sides of the rug before the rug is wet washed using gentle and approved cleaning agents before it’s rinsed thoroughly and hang dried. If the rug is really dirty it’s washed several times before drying. Professional rug cleaning will remove most stains though there’s no guarantee and in most cases also eliminate odor from pet accidents. Rugs should be professional cleaned every 2-5 years and sometimes more often if exposed to many spills such as pets, wine, soda, coffee etc.


Care for your rug

Always use a good rug pad to extend the longevity of your rug. Regular vacuuming is a primary care and is best done by suction alone so disengage the beater brush to avoid damaging the rug.


Spot cleaning

Spills and accidents are best dealt with right away to avoid stains and problems with odor. A general caution with spot cleaning is: “BLOT NOT RUB”. From the outside of the spill move toward the middle using a clean white cotton towel to cover the spill and press firmly to take liquid and moist out of the rug. This process may have to be repeated. After removing any moist and liquids and there’s any discoloration this can possibly be removed by pouring club soda on the stain let it sit a few minutes and with a clean white cotton towel take the liquid out again.