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What Is The Process of Making Hand Knotted Rugs or Carpet?


Hand-knotting is the most intricate, labor-intensive rug weaving process in use today.  A higher number of knots per square inch typically translates to better quality.  An average weaver can tie about 3,000 knots per day. Hand-knotting is one of the most intricate and labor-intensive rug weaving processes in use today.  Fine, delicate threads woven close together create a stronger fabric. An experienced weaver can tie about 3,000 knots per day.

Making Hand Knotted Rugs

Hand knotted rugs are made on a vertical frame called a hand knotting loom, using an ancient technique. The foundation of the rug is formed by columns of threads stretched across the loom; these form a base that ends in fringes. Once this is done, a weaver sits behind the loom and ties individual knots onto vertical strings by hand. After being completed, the rug is sheared to create a uniform surface and then hand washed for added luster.