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Introducing the RR Area Rugs: Transitional Appeal made with Viscose and Wool

The RR collection of area rugs is a stunning combination of traditional-inspired designs and fashionable colorations with a modern erased look. These rugs are among the most luxurious in our collection, offering a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. Made with a combination of premium wool and viscose, the RR area rugs are truly in a class of their own.

What makes the RR area rugs unique?

One of the standout features of the RR area rugs is their hand-knotted weave. This meticulous weaving technique ensures that each rug is crafted with the utmost care and precision. The combination of 65% wool and 35% viscose creates a soft and lustrous texture that is both comfortable and visually appealing.

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Why choose the RR area rugs?

There are several reasons why the RR area rugs are an excellent choice for your home:

  1. Transitional appeal: The RR collection combines traditional-inspired designs with a modern twist, making these rugs versatile and suitable for a variety of interior styles.
  2. Luxurious materials: The use of premium wool and viscose gives the RR area rugs a luxurious look and feel. The combination of these materials creates a beautiful interplay of textures and adds depth to the design.
  3. Fashionable colorations: The RR area rugs are available in a range of fashionable colorations that are sure to complement any decor. Whether you prefer neutral tones or bold hues, there is a rug in the RR collection that will suit your style.
  4. Durability: The RR area rugs are made with a cotton foundation, which provides added durability and ensures that your rug will withstand the test of time.

Available sizes

The RR area rugs are available in a variety of sizes to suit different room dimensions and layouts. Whether you need a small accent rug or a large statement piece, you can find the perfect size in the RR collection. The available sizes include:

  • 2×3
  • 3×5
  • 4×6
  • 6×9
  • 8×10
  • 9×12
  • 10×14
  • 12×15
  • 10’ Runner

With the RR area rugs, you can elevate the style and comfort of any room in your home. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your living room or create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, these rugs are the perfect choice. Explore the RR collection today and discover the beauty and luxury of transitional area rugs.

010 RR Room Setting

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010 RR Fawn Travertine Area Rug | Materials Wool and Viscose