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AI Area Rugs

Hand Knotted Rugs made with Wool and/or Wool and Viscose

Available in standard hand knotted area rug sizes 2×3 up to 12×15 and in runners.

The AI Rug Collection is a luxurious blend of premium wool and viscose yarns. Hand knotted rugs made with wool and/or viscose are available in standard sizes from 2ft x 3ft, up to 12ft x 15 ft. And runners too! Distinctive shapes that are enhanced with high-fashion color palettes set this luxury modern collection apart from all other similar products. This rug collection is distinguished by its abstract shapes and high-fashion transitional color combinations. Hand knotted from a blend of premium wool and Viscose yarns, these exquisite rugs add refined elegance to any room.

This collection has scalloped edges and is made of densely woven materials to add texture and pattern. Each rug is handcrafted by skilled artisans, and the pieces are made from a blend of premium wool, viscose and cotton. The result is a richly textured rug that’s soft to the touch and offers exceptional durability. Hand-knotted in wool and viscose yarns, this exquisite rug collection offers countless possibilities for decorating a modern or bohemian space.