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Turkish Knotted With A Wool and Viscose Blend

Available in standard hand knotted area rug sizes 2×3 up to 12×15 and in runners.


A beautiful, meticulously hand-knotted rug made from a combination of premium handspun wool and viscose. Each of these modern abstract rug designs has the unique look and feel of an artisanal contemporary masterpiece. The wool and viscose blend makes these high-end area rugs exceptionally soft underfoot, while the fine Turkish knot weave creates a subtle sheen that adds visual depth. The wool/viscose fiber combination also helps to prevent fading in direct sunlight and is naturally resistant to stains and spills. Each of these modern abstract rugs is hand-knotted in India on traditional looms using pure wool and viscose fibers. The combination of these two materials creates a beautifully textured rug with a subtle sheen that adds visual depth and dimension.