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How to Identify Tufted Rugs or Carpet?


If you’re trying to identify whether a rug or carpet is tufted, there are a few things to look for. One of the easiest ways to identify a tufted rug is to check the backing. Hand-tufted rugs typically have a canvas backing to hold the yarns together. This is in contrast to hand-knotted rugs, which have a visible fringe on the ends and a more intricate pattern on the back. Another way to identify a tufted rug is by its pile height. 

Identifying Tufted Rugs

Tufted rugs tend to have a more uniform pile height, while hand-knotted rugs have variations in pile height due to the way they are made. By knowing how to identify tufted rugs, you can make informed decisions when shopping for rugs or carpets for your home.